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Working For You

Supporters of Cecil Business Leaders can rest easy with the knowledge that our group is helping to make Cecil County, Maryland a better place for Businesses and their Employees to live and work because we are diligently working on the following:


We pledge to hold all qualified candidates to a stringent standard. Our vetting process will examine and evaluate all persons interested in the elected offices affecting Cecil County's Businesses and determine their alignment to business goals.


Approved candidates will be supported by Cecil Business Leaders. We will assist these qualified leaders in raising funds for the purpose of promoting their awareness to the electorate.


As business people we plan to make sure that our fellow companies are aware of the candidates we support. We will encourage and assist local businesses to spread the good word about positive elected officials to their staff and customers.

Support ​

We pledge to attend public hearings, forums and all other opportunities to make the current office holders aware of the concerns and stands that our group holds regarding business interest in Cecil County.


In an effort to make all citizens aware, our group will use all means to voice our concerns to the public including but not limited to, social media and letters to the editor.


With all positions on issues, there will be detractors. The Business Leaders pledge to ensure that any groups propagating false or misleading information on subjects of our interest will be met with factual and sound opposition.

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